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Hey, so everybody is screaming about how 1D will never understand how we feel….I’ve got news for you…they are 5 regular guys who just are amazing singers and are living out their dreams. They go through the same emotions we do….sadness, happiness, broken hearts, etc. they are inspirations, not 5 guys who are “perfect” and don’t have emotions….if you think that…then you aren’t a true directoiner….Have a good day >_>



Okay, sooo uh i have a 1D concert on friday… i think i might die lol but seriously… is this real life?!? haha okay, so on that exciting note (well, for me, at least) I’m off to bed, goodnight, lovelies <333 :D

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okay, so i just found this blog called onedirectionthink oh my gosh its brilliant! quick! do yourself a favor and check it out


sorry, i couldnt get the link thingy to work, so you’ll have to copy and paste it, but, you know, you’ll live :)> haha okaybyeee